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The Advantages of Custom Communications System for Your Business

The Advantages of Custom Communications System for Your Business

The Advantages of Custom Communications System for Your Business

Communication is a very essential tool for both generating new business and business growth. It builds bridges between your company and your customers and prospective clients. If you are still using the soon-to-be-obsolete PBX system, then it is time that you call your trusted telecommunications contractor about updating your phones to a custom communications system.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is currently one of the most cost effective communications technologies that cover a broad range of features specifically designed for businesses. This is synching your telephone with your internet to provide real time communication data. However, VoIP alone may not function at the optimum level when the internet connection fluctuates or experiences a downtime for an extended period.

Transitioning from the traditional telephone system to VoIP can be quite painful for those who were used to the old phone lines. However, having a unified custom communications system is a lot more convenient for your staff and your customers. To maximize VoIP’s advantages without worrying about internet downtime disconnection, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose a system with built-in call continuity features. When internet is down, incoming calls are automatically redirected to specific mobile numbers designated for the purpose. This VoIP system is recommended for service-oriented companies who don’t want to lose important telephone calls when the internet connection slows down or completely disappear when disaster or natural calamities strike. A custom communication package is designed purposely for these types of companies.
  2. Choose a VoIP system with redundancy features. There are VoIP systems that are mobile-ready and can be accessed via a mobile phone. When internet connection is down, calls are redirected to a mobile outside the no-signal zone. The features on VoIP handsets such as call waiting, caller ID, and call forwarding also appear on the mobiles designated to receive redirects.
  3. Get a backup Internet Service Provider (ISP). Having more than one ISP can avoid communication losses to you VoIP system. Unless natural calamities like hurricanes or earthquakes knock down transmission lines and towers, internet providers rarely crash simultaneously.
  4. Separate your internet and private telephone network cables. In some instances, providers use a single cable connecting the VoIP system and the internet connection. If by accident the cables are hit during excavation, you are not likely to lose all the connections at the same time.
  5. Designate a person in charge of your VoIP system. IT professionals or a skilled telephone operator should be able to manage all the troubleshooting and updates concerning the VoIP. A custom communications company can give you the best advice regarding these issues. Just call or e-mail the person for the details and your worries about upgrading is put to rest.

These are just some of the advantages of custom communications. Call your telecommunications contractor for more details.

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