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New Technology in Business Phone Systems

New Technology in Business Phone Systems

New Technology in Business Phone Systems

Most businesses have adopted modern communication technologies to enhance their existing business phone systems to achieve excellence in service to both customers and clients.   This innovation is another milestone that is a sure-fire way to yield positive results and great satisfaction. These enhanced business phone systems will definitely decrease overhead costs on the part of the company and adjustment to its users.

In the event that your company has decided to upgrade its traditional phone systems to a new one like VoIP, scouting for a reliable Telecommunications Contractor is always the best option. The right Telecommunications Contractor Tacoma WA will walk you through in every phase of the equipment, evaluation and installation steps to meet your business needs.

Here’s why VoIP is the right communication system for your business. A plethora of benefits awaits you as the business owner: unified communications, high dependability, lower costs, single number access to the office or on the road and excellent voice clarity. All that you need to do is contact a VoIP expert to assess the existing cabling network in your establishment to ensure your calls will be clear and the broadband required is available.

Here are the things to keep in mind when upgrading to a new phone system:

  • Calculate the current network capabilities and compare them with the required network capacity. The minimum network capacity for each user’s telephone access is 128 kbps. Then an additional buffer for internet and network usage while using the phone line will be needed. A 20 to 30 kbps of the buffer will be enough, so a good 150 kbps is ideal when determining the network capacity.
  • Utilize a QoS router for voice calls. A workaround will be to use a QoS or Quality of Service router to guarantee that higher priority network traffic gets the needed bandwidth. The QoS will equally ensure that a higher performance is achieved once the bandwidth sensitive application like VoIP telephony is installed.
  • The bandwidth of the network should be sufficient enough to match the QoS router and achieve ultimate communication performance.
  • An experienced network installer and Telecommunications Contractor have to gather the key network measurements. The two key metrics that affect VoIP quality are latency and packet loss. Latency should just be 150ms and loss should not reach one percent. Measurements that go beyond these limits will make communication quality garbled and unintelligible.
  • A total network assessment guarantees adherence to VoIP standards.   An expert in the Telecommunications Contractor Tacoma WA can assist you in checking the switches, routers and hubs on the network.

Embarking on this new communication technology may not be an easy task. Fortunately, a Telecommunications Contractor Tacoma WA is here to guide you all the way to a successful Business phone systems set up.

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