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Key Features of VoIP Service For Your Small Business

Key Features of VoIP Service For Your Small Business

Key Features of VoIP Service For Your Small Business

More and more small and medium-sized enterprises are making the switch to VoIP service because of its several features that can benefit a business of this size. However, some are still quite hesitant because they tend to overlook the value of VoIP and the other features that go beyond the main selling points such as voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, toll-free numbers, and so on.

Here are some more features that truly make VoIP all the more worth the switch to VoIP Tacoma WA phone systems:

Voicemail Transcription

If you’re too busy to take calls and don’t have any other option but leave it to your voicemail, VoIP makes it even easier for you to get your messages with its e-mail transcription feature. There’s no need to take out your pen and paper and take note of important details as you listen to the message because you can readily read the message in your inbox at any given time. More importantly, this VoIP feature allows you to properly organize important messages as well.

Screening of Calls

Your time is precious and it’s just right to take calls that are of crucial importance, especially when you’re busy. The call screening feature allows you to know who’s calling you through the caller ID and give you time to think on what to do. If it’s a personal number, you can redirect it to your personal mobile phone. But if, for example, it’s a telemarketer, then you can choose to simply disconnect and reject their call.

Training Tools

Now you don’t have to wait for your workers to finish the call before you give your two cents and some tips. With VoIP business phone systems Tacoma WA, you can coach them as they are working the call by allowing you to listen to a conversation with the client, as well as provide advice and information to your employee without the client being aware.

Bandwidth Reports

You can also be informed the bandwidth usage of your company with VoIP services, which can help you in tracking costs. Furthermore, you can easily acquire a detailed history that shows your company’s call history, duration, destination, costs, origin, and other pertinent information.

Automated Attendant

In order to better direct your customers’ concerns to the right people in the company, you can also make use of an automated attendant that provides a menu for callers to choose from. This will then lead them to the right extension, instead of having to connect them from one person to another.

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