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5 Tips when Upgrading to a Custom Communications System

5 Tips when Upgrading to a Custom Communications System

5 Tips when Upgrading to a Custom Communications System

A Custom communication system for your business can be a unified voice and data system that can be designed according to the customers’ specifications. By using the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), small to large companies can cut back on their telephone and internet costs by half.

The comprehensive services provided by the VoIP system benefit not only the staff but also the end-users by incorporating two important features, the internet-based data collection and storage sync with the audio. Telephone calls generate printouts that serve as your hard copy. If you haven’t upgraded to this system yet, then consult your telecommunication contractor regarding the advantages of having a cost-efficient custom communication solution to your telephony concerns.

When upgrading to a new custom communications system, know these 5 simple reminders to make your transition smooth and convenient.

  1. Specifically ask for a VoIP system that is mobile-ready and can be accessed on a mobile phone. This type of VoIP have the same features such as call forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID that make call redirects easier.
  2. Get a full-featured VoIP system that has call continuity. When your internet access is unavailable, voice calls coming in through the VoIP system will be automatically redirected to a mobile phone that is programmed to receive the redirects. This feature is useful during disasters when communication lines are down. Your VoIP system can still be accessed using mobile phone attached to the internet connection located in areas not affected by the calamity.
  3. Separate your data and voice cables. Tell your telecom contractor to separate the internet cable and the telephone line. Having one cable for two can cause inconvenience when the cable is compromised.
  4. Invest in a backup Internet Service Provider (ISP). Just in case your main internet provider is down, you have another network to switch to when the other lose signal. This means additional expense but if you weigh its advantages you will realize you save more in the long run.
  5. Having a custom communications system alleviates the need for outside personnel to manage the intricacies of its operation. Hiring the right Custom Communications provider will give you a readily trained IT person or a certified telephone operator and can minimize delays because issues will be addressed immediately and only one person is responsible for its maintenance and operation.

In order to maximize the benefits of having a custom communications system, choose a local partner that you can reach when you need technical support.

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