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Custom Communications Inc., Voice and Data cabling

Friendly, On Time & On Budget

We offer services in Tacoma and surrounding areas a one source solution for all your data cabling & business phone system needs. Our expert installers have the ability and experience to help you with the design and installation of your Data, Voice, and Audio/Video wiring & network cabling, as well as the installation and service of business phone systems and VoIP phone systems.

Custom Communications Inc (CCI) is a voice, data and unified communication company. We design cost-efficient solutions built around each client’s individual needs. While many of our customers are small and medium sized businesses, our solutions span the entire spectrum from small business to large enterprise customers and Government facilities.

Site Surveys-Consultations

Have questions about your Voice and Data cabling, Network Installation or thinking about upgrading to a new Business Phone System ? We would love to hear about your project goals and requirements, and are happy to provide a free site survey and to answer any questions you may have. Custom Communications will discuss your goals and objectives with you on a one to one basis. We will put together the best project team for the job and create a plan that stays within your time frame and budget. We are experts at meeting and exceeding your needs and requirements.

Communications, Voice and Data cabling

Custom Communications—Working With a Local Telecom Partner for Your Business

Custom Communications prides itself in being a reliable company that offers quality business phone systems in Tacoma WA. You can never go wrong in trusting a local telecom partner who truly understands the needs of small-and-medium sized businesses.

Easier, Faster Transactions

For one, having a local telecom partner such as Custom Communications enables you to have local access to your service provider. This means having faster and more convenient transactions as opposed to using an out of area or overseas provider. This kind of communications partner will make it a priority to take care of your business needs and continually find the right systems for your business.

Instant Repairs & Services

In connection with having an easier time dealing with a local telecom company, you can also expect to get scheduled repairs and services performed quickly. Say for example, one handset isn’t working properly and is affecting your employees’ daily work. With a reliable local telecom company by your side, you can be guaranteed that they’d make you a priority by addressing the problem quickly and efficiently.

Compliance with Local Regulations

Naturally, local companies would also have an in-depth knowledge of certain regulations within your area. They can do professional site assessments before giving you recommendations for what equipment and labor would be needed. Another benefit is how they can provide certification for your cable installations, giving you a guarantee that your whole business infrastructure is meeting—and even exceeding—the industry standards.

In Support of Local Economy

Just like your business, local telecom companies are also part of a thriving local economy. By partnering up with them, your also doing your part in making sure that the local economy would continue to be stable and sustainable over time. Take the lead and start inquiring as to what systems would work best for your business. All it takes is one call to jumpstart your venture and keep it connected and running. Trust Custom Communications to take care of your telecom sector.